Pair of wall lamps “Lalique”

Nr. 2470 | 9.000-- Euro

Pair of wall lamps
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”
“Lalique France”

Pair of wall lamps from



France, 1960s.

Milk glass with plane tree leaf pattern and gilded bronze frame.
Lalique, France, 1960s.
Glasses signed “Lalique France”.
Version: 1 x €27 each

in  excellent

Original state.

Height: 32 cm | Width: 30 cm | Depth: 14cm

Price: € 9.000,–

(Differential taxation according to §25a UstG)

Pair of wall lamps

Wall Lamps from Lalique’s “Champs-Élysée,” dating back to the 1960s, showcases the exquisite craftsmanship and artistic ingenuity that define the renowned French luxury brand, Lalique.

Design and Materials:
These wall lamps are a stunning embodiment of Lalique’s commitment to elegance and fine artistry. Crafted in France, they are made from milk glass, which imparts a delicate translucence to the lamps. The most striking feature of these lamps is the intricate plane tree leaf pattern adorning the glass. This design element is a testament to Lalique’s ability to capture the beauty of nature in art. The gilded bronze frame that surrounds the glass serves as a harmonious complement, adding a touch of opulence and structural integrity to the lamps.

Historical Context:

The 1960s were a time of innovation and artistic exploration in design. Lalique’s “Champs-Élysée” wall lamps from this era capture the essence of the period’s blend of creativity and sophistication. The name “Champs-Élysée” itself invokes the elegance and luxury associated with the famous avenue in Paris, known for its high-end boutiques and grandeur.

Aesthetic Impact

These wall lamps are not mere functional lighting fixtures; they are works of art that transform any space they adorn. The milk glass allows a soft, diffused glow, creating an ambiance that is both inviting and soothing. Plane tree leaf pattern, with its intricate detailing, adds a touch of nature’s beauty to the interior. Gilded bronze frame exudes a sense of luxury and timelessness, making these lamps suitable for a range of interior design styles, from classic to contemporary.

Collectible and Timeless:

Lalique’s “Champs-Élysée” wall lamps from the 1960s are highly collectible, sought after by connoisseurs of fine art and design. Their enduring popularity is a testament to Lalique’s legacy of creating objects that transcend time and continue to be appreciated for their beauty and craftsmanship.

In conclusion, these wall lamps from Lalique’s “Champs-Élysée” collection represent the epitome of artistic design and luxury craftsmanship. Their combination of milk glass, gilded bronze, and a nature-inspired pattern makes them a timeless addition to any interior, inviting admiration for their beauty and the skill that went into their creation.

This pair of wall lamps belong to this outstanding Lalique “Champs-Élysées” chandelier.

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