Large Art Deco panther, signed, sold

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Large art deco panther<br>signed: "Plagnet"<br>
Angriffslustiger Art Déco Panther

Art Deco

signed: “Plagnet”

France around 1925.

White bronze with beautiful patina.

Height: 28 cm
Width: 64,5 cm
Depth: 16 cm

Large art deco panther “Plagnet”

During the Art Deco era, especially in the 1920s and 1930s, many sculptures, including panther sculptures, were made of various materials, including bronze. The Art Deco style was characterized by its clean lines, geometric shapes and often luxurious materials. Here is some information on the bronze production of Art Deco style panther sculptures in France:

Design and modeling: artists and sculptors designed Art Deco style panther sculptures with flowing lines and stylized shapes. The models were often made in clay, wax, or another sculptable material.

Molding: negative molds were created from these models, often in silicone or plaster, to provide an accurate reproduction of the original model.

Lost Wax Casting (Cire Perdue): This is a traditional method of making bronze sculptures. The wax model is embedded in a mold, then the mold is heated to melt out the wax, and molten bronze is poured into the empty mold.

Bronze casting: molten bronze is poured into the empty mold, where it cools and hardens. This process produces a bronze sculpture with the details of the original wax model.

Machining: after casting and cooling, excess parts of the mold are removed and the sculpture is polished to smooth and refine the surface.

Patina: The surface of the sculpture can be treated with various chemicals to create the desired patina or color. Art Deco sculptures tended to have a smooth, satin or metallic patina.

Signature and Marking: The artist often signed the artwork, often on the base or some other inconspicuous place.

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