Lalique vase signed: R.Lalique, 1932,

Nr. 2313 | 6.800,-- Euro
Lalique vase signed: R.Lalique, 1932

Original Lalique vase signed “R.Lalique”

Rene Lalique, France 1932.

Opal glass with leaf ornament.

References: See: “Warman’s Lalique” Mark F. Moran.

Mp443, #1041

Height: 23 cm

Diameter: 30cm

Price: 6.800,– €

(Including 19% VAT that is deductible)

Lalique vase

The Lalique spherical vase is made from mouth-blown crystal glass. Each vase is crafted by skilled artisans who have mastered their craft. The process begins with melting crystal glass at very high temperatures. The molten glass is then shaped and blown by hand until it achieves the desired form. After the blowing process, the vase is hand-cut and polished to achieve a smooth and glossy surface. Finally, the vase is hand-signed and numbered to ensure its authenticity.

Lalique Art Deco is an art style that emerged in France in the 1920s. It is named after the French artist and glass designer René Lalique, who created some of the most renowned works in this style during that time.

Lalique Art Deco is known for its geometric shapes, clean lines, and the use of luxury materials such as crystal, glass, and gemstones. The designs are often highly elegant and glamorous, with a strong emphasis on stylized nature motifs like flowers, birds, and fish.

Some of Lalique Art Deco’s most famous works include perfume bottles, jewelry pieces, and glassware. Many of his works are still highly coveted today and sought after by collectors around the world.

The style also had a significant influence on the architecture and interior design of the time and was part of a broader movement in Europe that moved away from the traditional ornate styles of the 19th century and embraced a more modern and minimalist aesthetic.

Lalique Art Deco has continued to have a lasting impact on art and design even after its emergence and is considered one of the most important art styles of the 20th century.

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