Nest of Tables

Nr. 2120 | 5.800,– Euro
Nest of Tables
Nest of Tables open round
Nest of Tables side
Nest of Tables top view
Nest of Tablesclosed round
Nest of Tables closet corner
Nest of Tables details
Nest of Tables Details
Nest of Tables etagere

Nest of Tables

England around 1930.

Walnut veneered.

Height: 53 cm
Diameter: 60cm

Price: 5.800,– €

 (Differential taxation according to §25a UStG)

Nest of Tables

A “Nest of Tables” is a set of several side tables that can be nested together and stored in a space-saving manner. This tables are usually of different sizes and have a similar shape to fit perfectly inside each other.

The concept of these tables dates back to the 18th century when sets of three or four tables became popular in England. The idea was that the tables could be quickly and easily pulled out when needed to provide additional surfaces for guests or to serve drinks and snacks.

Today, “Nest of Tables” are still popular and available in many different styles, from classic to modern designs. They are a practical solution for smaller spaces or for people who like to stay flexible and easily adapt their furniture.

Walnut wood in Art Deco

Walnut wood was often used in the Art Deco style due to its hardness, strength, and beauty. It has a natural dark color and a striking grain pattern ranging from gentle waves to wild swirls. Walnut wood was commonly used for furniture such as cabinets, dressers, tables, and chairs, often decorated with artistry or carvings.

What about having a nice casket decorated on the nest of tables.

Art Deco at RSA Wiesbaden

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