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Art Deco dining table rosewood
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Art Deco
extending dining table

France around 1930.

rose wood veneered with brass applications and decorations in “Parchemin”.

Height: 73 cm | Width: 230 cm | Depth: 100 cm|

2 extension shelves of 50 cm each.

Total length: 330cm

Art Deco dining table

The extendable table is a prime example of Art Deco style and hails from France in the 1930s. Crafted from rosewood, known for its exquisite grain and hardness, the table is adorned with brass appliqués and “parchment” embellishments. “Parchment” is a design element derived from the imitation of embossed parchment paper, often used on furniture and other items from the Art Deco era.

The table features two extendable leaves, which expand its size and provide additional seating for guests. The brass appliqués and embellishments bestow an elegant and decorative aura upon the table, characteristic of the Art Deco style.

All in all, this Art Deco dining table serves as a beautiful testament to the craftsmanship and style of Art Deco, making it a coveted collector’s piece for vintage furniture enthusiasts.


Rose wood is an exotic wood that originates from Indonesia. It boasts a distinctive grain and a rich color spectrum, ranging from warm brown to reddish-brown. The wood is renowned for its hardness, stability, and resistance to decay and pests.

Due to its beauty and durability, rosewood was frequently employed in the crafting of high-quality furniture and decorative items. In the Art Deco style, rosewood was often used for veneering furniture and as an embellishment to achieve a luxurious and sophisticated look. The wood’s distinctive grain was often accentuated through intricate finishing and polishing techniques.

This beautiful Art Deco dining table fits perfectly with this chairs.

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