Art Déco Champagne Cooler

Nr. 2576 | 820,--Euro
<strong>The Art Deco Champagne Cooler</strong><br>
Champagnerkühler Art Deco
Art Déco Sektkühler
Art Déco Sektkühler
Art Déco Sektkühler

Art Deco
Champagne Cooler
German, circa 1930.

Silver-plated metal.

Simple, conically shaped champagne cooler with profiled bands and side handles. Stamped on the bottom.

Height: 27.7 cm | Diameter: 21.5 cm

Price: €820

(margin scheme taxation according to §25a special arrangement)

The Art Deco Champagne Cooler

The Art Deco champagne cooler, crafted in Germany around 1930, is an elegant and era-typical piece from the early 20th century. Made of silver-plated metal, it has a shiny and luxurious look characteristic of the Art Deco era.

The design of the champagne cooler is simple yet refined. It features a conical shape that widens slightly towards the top, creating a modern, streamlined silhouette. This form underscores the piece’s functional elegance and perfectly aligns with the Art Deco movement’s emphasis on geometric shapes and clean lines.

The cooler is adorned with profiled bands, adding structure and depth to the design. These bands introduce a subtle decorative element without overwhelming the minimalist aesthetic. Side handles provide both practical use and visual interest, balancing the design and making the cooler easy to handle.

The bottom of the champagne cooler bears a stamp that confirms its origin and authenticity. This mark is a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that went into creating this piece.

This silver-plated champagne cooler is not only a practical accessory for elegant gatherings and celebrations but also a stylish decorative object. It embodies the essence of Art Deco style and is a fine example of the functional yet luxurious design of that era.

If you prefer a different shape, take a look at this goblet-shaped wine cooler.

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