Art Deco ceiling lamp by Petitot

Nr. 2571 | 8.800,--Euro
Art Deco ceiling lamp

Art Deco ceiling lamp

Henri Petitot, Paris around 1930.

Octagonal ceiling lamp in nickel-plated brass and glass from Petitot. 5 burning points – newly electrified.

Height: 100 cm| Diameter: 64cm

No. 2571

€ 8.800,-

(marginal taxation)

Art Deco ceiling lamp

Step into the world of Art Déco with this stunning ceiling lamp by Henri Petitot from Paris, dating back to around 1930.

This octagonal ceiling lamp is a masterpiece of Art Déco design, embodying the luxury and elegance of that era. It is made of nickel-plated brass, giving it a shiny and modern look while preserving the timeless elegance of Art Déco style.

The Art Déco ceiling lamp is equipped with five light sources, ensuring generous illumination of the room. Each light source is perfectly placed to create even lighting, while highlighting the characteristic geometric shapes of Art Déco.

The glass crafted by Petitot is another outstanding feature of this ceiling lamp. It is intricately designed, adding a subtle refinement to the lamp. The glass elegantly refracts light, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in the room.

This Art Déco ceiling lamp has been newly electrified to meet modern standards while preserving its authentic appearance. The rewiring also ensures safe and reliable use of this valuable vintage lamp.

Henri Petitot

Henri Petitot’s work is renowned for its quality and innovative design, and this ceiling lamp is no exception. It is a timeless artwork that serves both as functional lighting and an impressive decorative piece, bringing the style and sophistication of Art Déco into your home.

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