6 Art Deco root wood chairs

Nr. 1979 | 8.500,--€
Art Deco Amboina chairs
Art Deco Amboina chair back
Art Deco Amboina chair side
Art Deco Amboina chair sidewise
Art Deco Amboina chairs details
Art Deco Amboina chair front
Art Deco Amboina chairs detail
Art Deco Amboina chairs side
Art Deco Amboina chairs sidewise
Art Deco Amboina chairs

Six Art Deco chairs

France around 1930. Root wood. Raised curved backrests with central shield. 
Black upholstered seat. 

Total height: 93 cm
Total width: 50 cm
seat width: 47 cm
Total depth: 46 cm
Seat depth: 44 cm
Seat height: 46 cm

Price: 8.500,–Euro

( Differentialtax)

Art Deco Root wood chairs

A particularly precious wood, as seen in these six matching Art Deco chairs, is root wood, which belongs to the Padauk woods and is native to both Africa and South America.

The fine structure and grain made it suitable for luxury objects, such as in the automotive industry, where the interior dashboards were frequently crafted using this glossy and beautifully grained veneer. Similarly, on the grand ocean liners like the “Titanic” or the “Normandie,” the suites were veneered in root wood – the Orient Express also featured frames made of root wood.

Transporting these precious root woods took several months at that time, making the processing naturally costly.

The Art Deco furniture center in Paris was a significant institution in French furniture design during the 1920s. Founded by renowned designers like Émile-Jacques Ruhlmann, Maurice Dufrêne, and Louis Süe, it was an important meeting place for artists, architects, and art enthusiasts.

In line with this, we recommend our Art Deco table, which comfortably accommodates up to 12 people.

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