Pair of Demi-Lune tables

Nr. 1919
Pair of Demi-Lune tables
Demi-Lune table
Demi-Lune table 1
Demi-Lune table 2
Demi-Lune tables

Pair of Demi-Lune tables

Empire around 1800.

Black lacquered wood.

Semicircular cover plate resting on tapered legs.

Height: 76 cm | Width: 58 cm | Depth: 29 cm

Pair of Demi-Lune tables

popular in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. The Empire style was inspired by antiquity and was widespread in Europe and North America.

These tables were made of noble woods such as mahogany or walnut and were often decorated with intricate carvings or inlays depicting classical motifs such as columns, capitals, or friezes. The tables stand on a sturdy, round or square base and have a half-moon shaped table top.

They are perfect to be placed in the center of a room or against a wall. These tables are ideal for use in a large reception room or foyer and can also be used as side tables in the living room or console tables in the dining room. Half-moon tables create a symmetrical and elegant atmosphere in any room.

This pair of Demi-Lune style tables from the Empire period around 1800 are black lacquered wood with half-round tabletops resting on tapered legs.

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