A pair of Empire silver candlesticks

Nr. 1864

A pair of Empire silver candlesticks

German around 1810.

Sterling silver stamped and hallmarked.

Finely fluted shaft with garlands, pearl edge decor standing on a round stepped and chased foot.

Not filled.

Height: 22.7 cm
Base diameter: 11.5 cm

Empire silver candlesticks

A pair of Empire candlesticks, made of sterling silver, is a high-quality and representative piece of furniture. The Empire style was an art movement of the early 19th century, characterized by a clear, geometric design language and emphasized elegance.

A typical Empire silver candlestick consists of a heavy, solid base, often decorated with elaborate embellishments such as engravings or relief ornaments. The shaft of the candlestick is slim and elegant, ending in a stylized flame that holds the actual candle holder. The candle holder itself is often equipped with a removable drip pan.

Sterling silver is a high-quality material for the production of silver candlesticks. It is particularly pure and corrosion-resistant. It consists of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper or another alloy metal that increases the strength of the material.

A sterling silver candlestick is a precious and valuable piece of furniture that is often used in representative rooms such as living or dining rooms. It is also a sought-after collector’s item for lovers of antique silver.

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