Dainty daffodil table by Gallé

Nr. 2163
Dainty daffodil table
Dainty daffodil table side
Dainty daffodil table Leg
Dainty daffodil table
Dainty daffodil design
Dainty daffodil table top
Dainty daffodil table
Dainty daffodil table Detail
Dainty daffodil table Feet

Dainty daffodil table
by Emile Gallé,
Nancy / France.
Around 1900. Walnut veneered with inlays in various precious woods.

Original state of preservation.

Provenance: private collection Hessen

Height: 71.5 cm

Width: 59 cm

Depth: 38.5 cm

Dainty daffodil table 1900

A side table by Emile Gallé in the Art Nouveau style is an art object that was created during the period of Art Nouveau. Emile Gallé was a famous French artist and designer who was known for his work in glass and furniture making.
He was one of the leading representatives of the Art Nouveau style and is characterized by organic forms, asymmetrical lines, and floral decor.

This kind of dainty daffodil table by Emile Gallé is made of wood and glass and decorated with floral patterns and inlay work. The legs of the table may have organic shapes reminiscent of branches or roots and the tabletop may also be curved or wavy and adorned with colored glass.

The value of a table by Emile Gallé in the Art Nouveau style depends on various factors such as condition, material, size, design, and rarity.

If you want to determine the value of your side table, I recommend having it appraised by an antique dealer or an expert in Art Nouveau furniture.

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