Horst Janssen “Winter is coming”, sold

Nr. 2100 |
"Winter is Coming"

Horst Janssen “Winter is coming

Horst Janssen (1929-1995)

Copy 99/100.

Original lithograph, hand colored.
Hand signed and dated 1994.

Height: 67,5 / 7 cm | Width: 73/54 cm

Horst Janssen “Winter is Coming”

Winter is Coming is a well-known work by the German artist Horst Janssen from 1985. It is an etching depicting the onset of winter. The work is typical of Janssen’s style, which is characterized by fine lines and black and white contrasts.

In the etching Winter is Coming, a bare tree is seen against a gloomy sky. The tree is completely defoliated, making it look particularly barren and vulnerable. Janssen drew the tree with the utmost care and attention to detail, and its fine lines and hatching give the work a particular depth and texture.

The background is also in different shades of black and gray, creating a menacing mood. You can literally feel how winter is slowly but surely coming and everything will be covered with snow and ice.

Horst Janssen was one of the most famous German artists of the 20th century. He was best known for his etchings and drawings, often inspired by nature and the human body. “Winter is coming” is an example of Janssen’s sensitive and poetic way of drawing, which has won him a large following.

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