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Louis Seize chest of drawers

Central Germany around 1780.

Mahogany veneered on softwood corpus.

3 tectonically designed drawers with central risalit.
Top plate and drawers inlaid with decorative frieze.
Beveled edges, pointed feet.

Original locks and fittings.

Height: 84 cm | Width: 118 cm | Depth: 60 cm

Louis Seize chest of drawers

A Louis XVI chest of drawers from central Germany around 1780 is typically designed in the late Baroque or Rococo style. It is made of high-quality woods such as mahogany or cherry wood and decorated with elaborate carvings and inlays.

The Louis XVI style is characterized by symmetry, clear lines, and a certain simplicity, in contrast to the opulent and decadent designs of the Rococo. A chest of drawers from this period would therefore feature simple geometric shapes adorned with floral or ornamental details. It would typically be equipped with brass or bronze fittings and handles, and may also have finely carved legs or decorations.

A Louis XVI chest of drawers from central Germany around 1780 can be a valuable collector’s item and sold at high prices at auctions or antique dealers. However, the value depends heavily on factors such as the condition, rarity, and provenance of the chest of drawers. To determine the value of such a piece, it is recommended to consult a qualified expert in antique furniture or works of art.

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