Biedermeier German cherry cabinet around 1820, sold

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Cherry veneered on softwood corpus
Biedermeier German cherry cabinet
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Biedermeier cabinet

German around 1820.

Cherry veneered on softwood corpus with coffered door panels also on the sides , selected fine cherry wood.

Corpus resting on cleated feet with coffered panels framed by fine ebonized thread inlays in colored bog oak. Ebonized key sockets.

Original lock and key. 2 drawers with locking mechanism.

Very good workmanship and condition !

Height: 200 cm

Width: 162 cm at the cornice depth 63 cm
inside :50 cm.

Biedermeier German cherry cabinet

This Biedermeier cherry cabinet is very well made and can be completely disassembled. It was refurbished with shellac polish and professionally restored.

A Biedermeier cabinet is a piece of furniture typically made during the Biedermeier style period of the early 19th century. The Biedermeier style was a period of German art and architecture that lasted from about 1815 to 1848.

A Biedermeier cabinet is characterized by its simple elegance and practical function. The cabinets were often made of cherry, walnut or pear wood and finished with fine veneers.

Inside the cabinet were usually shelves and drawers to store items. The cabinets were often very spacious and therefore could hold a variety of items, from dishes to clothing to books and stationery.

Biedermeier cabinets are still popular pieces of furniture today because of their timeless elegance and high functionality. They are a symbol of German craftsmanship and the Biedermeier style, which plays a significant role in the history of German art and architecture.

To give this impressive Biedermeier cabinet a nice twist add this rare crater vases with handles on top.

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