Biedermeier cherry wood cabinet, sold

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Biedermeier cherry wood cabinet
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Biedermeier cherry wood cabinet

German around 1825.

Solid cherry wood. Ebonized moldings.

4 shelves.

Shellac hand polish.

Height: 208 cm

Width: 163 cm

Depth: 61 cm

Biedermeier cherry wood cabinet

Biedermeier cabinets are a type of cabinet that were popular in the early 19th century in German-speaking countries. They were part of the Biedermeier style, which was prevalent between 1815 and 1848 and was known for its simple elegance and practical functionality.

The cabinets were made of high-quality woods such as cherry, walnut and mahogany, and were characterized by clean lines, simple shapes and discreet decoration.

They were often decorated with brass fittings and inlaid marquetry and usually had glass doors or drawers.

Biedermeier cabinets were available in many sizes and were used for a variety of purposes, from storing dishes and clothing to displaying collections and valuable items.

Cabinets like this Biedermeier cherry cabinet were an important part of Biedermeier furniture design and are still very popular with collectors and antique furniture enthusiasts today.
They have a lot of space are sturdy yet finely designed and enhance any room. The shellac hand polish makes the cabinet shine and reflect light beautifully.

A perfect decoration could be this pair of Medici crater vases.

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