Pair of silver candlesticks

Nr. 1866 | 1.450,– Euro

Pair of silver candlesticks

German around 1940, baroque form.
800 silver stamped and hallmarked.

Height: 18 cm

Price: 1.450,- €

( Differential taxation according to §25a UstG )

800 silver is a type of silver alloy used in the creation of silverware, jewelry, and various other items. It is less pure than sterling silver (which is typically 92.5% pure silver) and has a lower silver content. Here’s some information about 800 silver, including its hallmarking and the term “filled”:

800 Silver:

  • Composition: 800 silver is an alloy containing 80% pure silver and 20% other metals. The other metals are often copper or a combination of copper and other alloys. This alloying is done to enhance the silver’s durability and make it more suitable for crafting various objects.

Stamping and Hallmarking:

  • Hallmark: Hallmarks are marks or symbols stamped onto silver items to indicate their quality, origin, and authenticity. They often include information such as the silver content, maker’s mark, and the location of the assay office.
  • 800 Mark: The “800” mark is used to denote the silver content of the alloy. In the case of 800 silver, the “800” signifies that the item contains 80% pure silver.


  • When you mention “filled” in the context of silver, it usually refers to a different type of material or treatment applied to the silver item, rather than the silver itself.
  • “Filled” can refer to silver-plated items, where a thin layer of silver is applied to the surface of another metal, such as copper or brass. This gives the appearance of solid silver but at a lower cost.
  • Some vintage or antique silver items may have a layer of silver that has been “filled” onto a base metal, and over time, wear and tear can expose the base metal underneath.

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