Serving trolley from E.Rockhausen, sold

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Serving Trolley by E. Rockhausen
Serving Trolley by E. Rockhausen above
Servierwagen Rockhausen
Serving Trolley by E. Rockhausen
Servierwagen Rockhausen
Serving Trolley by E. Rockhausen Detail
Servierwagen Rockhausen
Serving Trolley by E. Rockhausen
Servierwagen Rockhausen

Serving trolley from E.Rockhausen

Wood, brass and glass.

German circa 1920.

Removable tray, hinged door.

Side handle bar made of glass.

Original condition.

Height: 79 cm
Width: 60 cm
Depth: 39 cm

Serving trolley

A serving trolley from E. Rockhausen made of wood, brass, and glass, dating back to approximately 1920, is likely a valuable and unique antique piece. Here’s some information about such a trolley:

  1. Manufacturer – E. Rockhausen: E. Rockhausen is not a widely recognized name in the world of furniture or antique collectibles. It’s possible that this is a lesser-known or regional manufacturer from Germany in the 1920s. While the manufacturer may not be famous, the age and materials used in the trolley are indicative of the Art Deco era.
  2. Materials: The combination of wood, brass, and glass is characteristic of Art Deco design. Art Deco was a prominent design movement in the 1920s and 1930s known for its use of luxurious materials and geometric forms. Brass accents and glass surfaces were often featured in Art Deco furniture.
  3. Functionality: Serving trolleys were commonly used in the early 20th century to transport food and drinks from the kitchen to the dining room or other entertaining areas. The presence of a removable tray and hinged door on your trolley suggests it was designed for this purpose.
  4. Side Handle Bar Made of Glass: The use of glass for the handlebar is an interesting design choice. It may have been chosen for its aesthetic appeal and to complement the glass surfaces on the trolley.
  5. Original Condition: The fact that the trolley is in its original condition is significant for collectors and enthusiasts of antique furniture. Originality often adds to the historical value and authenticity of a piece.

This Serving trolley from E.Rockhausen is stunning but we can also offer another beautiful serving trolley from France. Which one you choose, but imagine it would be placed under this outstanding Art Deco mirror with Dancers or next to this outstanding Art Deco showcase 1930.

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