Art Deco page bench, sold

Nr. 2516 |
Art Deco page bench
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Art Deco Pagenbank
Art Deco Pagenbank
Art Deco Pagenbank
Art Deco Pagenbank
Art Deco Pagenbank

Art Deco
page bench

France around 1920. Wood painted black with elaborate details such as stairs and corner fluting. Lid can be raised – interior with leather in papaya color. Beveled edges and side pilasters.

Height: 54 cm| Seat height: 40 cm | Length: 95 cm | Depth: 35cm

No. 2516

Art Deco page bench

Embark on a journey to the captivating era of 1920s France with this remarkable Art Deco Page Bench. A testament to the opulence and design innovation that characterized the period. Crafted with meticulous craftsmanship around 1920, this bench encapsulates the spirit of Art Deco. Its unique combination of form, function, and elaborate detailing.

Constructed from wood and painted in a sophisticated black hue, the bench exudes a sense of glamour and modernity. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in the elaborate features, including stairs and corner fluting. Which contribute to the bench’s overall architectural charm. The incorporation of such intricate elements highlights the influence of geometric shapes and symmetrical patterns that define the Art Deco aesthetic.

The versatility of this Page Bench is revealed through its lid, which can be elegantly raised to unveil a luxurious interior adorned with leather in a luscious papaya color. This unexpected burst of vibrant hue adds a touch of playfulness to the otherwise monochromatic palette. A characteristic feature of Art Deco design that sought to blend bold contrasts and harmonious elements.

The beveled edges and side pilasters further enhance the bench’s visual appeal. The beveling introduces a subtle yet striking detail that catches the light. Adding depth and dimension to the piece. The side pilasters, with their vertical fluting. Contribute to the overall symmetry and balance, aligning with the geometric principles that are integral to Art Deco design.

Beyond its aesthetic allure, the Art Deco Page Bench becomes a functional and stylish addition to any space. Whether placed in an entryway, a sophisticated dressing room, or a chic living area, this bench stands as a statement piece that invites admiration and appreciation for its historical significance.

As you engage with this piece, you are transported to an era where design was not merely utilitarian but an expression of cultural dynamism and luxury. The Art Deco movement, with its emphasis on bold forms and luxurious materials, is beautifully encapsulated in this Page Bench. It serves not only as a functional seating solution but as a piece of living history, a tangible link to the glamorous and innovative spirit of 1920s France.

In each step, from the intricate detailing to the unexpected pop of color, this Art Deco Page Bench narrates a story of an era that embraced modernity, celebrated individuality, and left an indelible mark on the world of design. This bench is not just furniture; it is an embodiment of the timeless allure of Art Deco, inviting you to take a seat and immerse yourself in the elegance and sophistication of a bygone era.

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