Monumental Italian chandelier, sold

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Monumental Italian chandelier
Italy around 1920.
Murano crystal glass
16 arms.

Glass arms arranged in 2 rows with glass bowls – drop pendants in glass and round glass balls in full glass in the lower end.

In the upper part there are 6 rising glass arms, each of which is rolled up and holds a large, multi-cut glass crystal.

An absolute highlight for a large entrance hall, a stairwell or as a contrast to modern furnishings!

Height: 130 cm
Diameter: 112cm

Monumental Italian chandelier

The Murano chandelier was made in the 1920s and comes from the famous Murano glassblowing region in Italy. This chandelier was handmade and is a masterpiece of glassblowing art.

The production of the chandelier began with selecting the right type of glass and preparing the furnace for melting the glass. Then, the glass artists were tasked with shaping and blowing the glass to create the various components of the chandelier, such as the arms, drops, and pendants.

Once the individual parts were made, they were carefully assembled and attached to a metal frame to form the chandelier. Then, the pendants and drops were hung to give the chandelier its characteristic shine and beauty.

The production of Murano chandeliers requires a lot of skill and experience, as each chandelier is a unique artwork that is carefully and lovingly handmade.

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