Art Deco pair of pedestals

Nr. 2514 | 2.400,--Euro pro Säule
Art Déco pedestals
Art Déco Postamente
Art Déco Postamente
Art Déco Postamente
Art Déco Postamente
Art Déco Postamente
Art Déco Postamente
Art Déco Postamente

Pair of pedestals or columns

Art Deco around 1930. France. Combining walnut wood and black lacquer – adjustable. High-quality and elaborately designed pair of pedestals for vases or bronzes. Geometrically designed body with fluting, cassettes, gradations and profiles. Front and back view same design.

Height: 106 cm | Width: 22 cm | Depth: 24 cm | Top footprint: 23cm x 13.5cm No. Nr. 2514

Price per column: € 2.400,– (incl.19% VAT can be shown)

Art Deco pedestals

Step into the lavish world of 1930s Art Deco France with this exceptional pair of pedestals or columns. A true testament to the era’s commitment to luxurious design and meticulous craftsmanship. Combining the warm, rich tones of walnut wood with the sleek sophistication of black lacquer. This pair stands as an exquisite example of the fusion of materials that defined the Art Deco aesthetic.

Designed with the utmost precision and attention to detail. These Art Deco pedestals are not merely functional supports but rather pieces of art in their own right. Their adjustable nature adds a layer of versatility, allowing them to seamlessly complement various artistic elements such as vases or bronzes. The geometrically designed body of each pedestal is a symphony of form, featuring intricate fluting, cassettes, gradations, and profiles. That contribute to an overall sense of refinement and elegance.

Symmetry of the design

The thoughtful symmetry of the design is a hallmark of the Art Deco movement. With the front and back views mirroring each other in perfect harmony. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that every angle of these pedestals is a visual delight, offering a consistent aesthetic appeal regardless of perspective.

The combination of walnut wood and black lacquer not only adds a striking contrast but also highlights the inherent beauty of each material. This walnut, with its natural grain patterns and warm hues, brings a sense of organic warmth. The black lacquer introduces a modern and sophisticated edge. This harmonious blend of elements encapsulates the essence of Art Deco, where traditional craftsmanship meets avant-garde design.

These pedestals go beyond mere functionality; they are an embodiment of the era’s dedication to high-quality design. The fluting, cassettes, gradations, and profiles are not mere embellishments but deliberate design choices that showcase the commitment to creating pieces that are both visually captivating and structurally sound.

Whether placed in a grand foyer, a chic living space, or an intimate art gallery, these pedestals command attention. They serve as more than mere supports. They are statements of refined taste and an appreciation for the elegance of the Art Deco movement. As a pair, they contribute to a cohesive and balanced aesthetic. Its creating a visual narrative that transports you to the glamorous and sophisticated ambiance of 1930s France. In every detail, these pedestals embody the spirit of an era that celebrated the marriage of form and function. Making them not just objects of utility but cherished pieces of artistry.

Pair this Art Deco pedestals with two outstanding Paintings in the middle like this Art Deco paintings.

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