Dining table black lacquered,sold

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Modernist Dining table
Modernist Dining table
Modernist Dining table
Modernist Dining table
Modernist Dining table structure
Modernist Dining table closed
Modernist Dining table details
Modernist Dining table
Modernist Dining table
Modernist Dining table

Modernist black Art Déco dining table

France around 1930.
Pair of curved struts in tulip shape standing on moustache base.
On the side 2 extensions for extension plate.

Modernist design standing on pedestal.
Total height: 78 cm | Width: 102 cm | Length: 180 cm| plus 2 x 40 cm wide shelves: 280 cm

Modernist Dining table

This black lacquered Art Deco dining table was made in France around 1930. The table features a pair of curved tulip-shaped struts standing on a Moustache foot, which is typical of the Art Deco era.It has two extensions on either side for additional leaves, making it a versatile piece of furniture. The modernist design standing on a pedestal gives the table an elegant and timeless aesthetic.

Overall, it is a rare and valuable piece that serves both as a functional and decorative piece of furniture.

Moustache Foot in Art Deco

A Moustache Foot is a design element that was commonly used in the Art Deco style. The foot has a curved shape reminiscent of a mustache and is often used as a base for tables and other pieces of furniture. The Moustache Foot is typically made of wood or metal and can be designed in different colors and surface finishes. In combination with other Art Deco elements such as curved lines and geometric shapes, the Moustache Foot gives furniture an elegant and decorative effect.

The perfect match for his dining table are this 6 chairs to full-fill an Art Deco dream.

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